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We were the first Freestanding Emergency Rooms in Laredo, TX and now our North location is a state licensed acute care specialty hospital. STAT Specialty Hospital is a state licensed. state-of-the art facility that utilizes a patient-centered model to provide 24-hour emergency care, short hospital stays and outpatient services. The facility is designed to uniquely respond to the rise in consumer demand for convenience, reduced cost and improved access to care.
STAT Specialty Hospital has a total of six emergency rooms, one observation room, four hospital admission beds and a procedure room. Two of the emergency rooms are for high acuity patients. Taken together, Stat Specialty Hospital is now able to provide state-of-the-art care for the needs of the Laredo community with coordinated care by highly recognized physicians in our community.
Much like our successful and highly rated freestanding emergency rooms here in Laredo, this modern addition to our existing north location facility will continue with fast registration processes, prompt triage, patient diagnosis and treatment by experienced emergency physicians and staff, admitting physicians and advanced healthcare providers. Strict infection control measures and personalized concierge-style services sets us apart from traditional large hospital-based emergency rooms and facilities. The hospital’s imaging and laboratory services are available 24/7 serving our community’s greatest needs.
STAT Specialty Hospital offers around the clock care that is not typical of urgent care clinics given that care will be rendered by specialized physicians. By offering hospital beds, our facility is able to treat all illnesses and admit patients with medical conditions in a concierge manner without having to leave the Laredo community. Our emergency room is equipped to respond to any medical condition, including those requiring acute critical care and be prepared with expedited transfer to tertiary hospitals.
Most importantly, our Specialty Hospital is meeting both community and health system needs with our unique services. The key is offering hospital-level quality of care at reduced costs, a convenient location and a more personalized level of service. We will always aspire to work in collaboration with all Laredo healthcare providers and local hospitals with the expressed purpose of combining resources to provide the residents of this city and surrounding communities the best healthcare possible.

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